Ongoing Homecoming Events

  • Scrappy's Scavenger Hunt

    Scrappy recently visited the Marietta Campus ... but he left something(s) behind! Read Scrappy's Journal to figure out where he may have left these mementos on the Marietta Campus, and see if you can figure out the answer to how Scrappy was able to get home! If you think you've solved the puzzle, fill out the form to receive a prize (first 25 students to complete the scavenger hunt get a grand prize)

    More info on Scrappy's Scavenger Hunt can be found here

    • Can-A-Thon - Student Leadership & Service


      • Office Door Decoration - Homecoming Committee


        Please visit the Homecoming Competition page for more information.

        • Banner Competition - Homecoming Committee


          Please visit the Homecoming Competition page for more information.

          • Homecoming Court - Homecoming Committee

            Please visit the Homecoming Court page for more information.